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Season Rubbers (P) ltd. Koovapally is a name of reputation in the field of rubber latex processing and manufacturing of related products. We concentrate mainly on rubber latex and allied products. Season Rubbers (P) ltd. Koovapally., which is today known for its product "Seasons Cenex" in the Indian Rubber world, has its roots well set in the history of the Indian Rubber Industry. The firm was converted to a private limited company in 1975 and as a pioneering company in the field of latex centrifuging; the company and its operations are wildly observed and used as a model for the development of many of its competitor companies. The company holds a very high value in the rubber industry and its products and qualities are accepted all over the world by different rubber product manufactures .Most often our quality is taken as a quality of standard by companies to advise other suppliers of rubber latex. Also the company has got a very successful track record over the years.

As effluent control is a major problem of the latex centrifuging industry, the matter was taken up with the Rubber Board, and with their help, an effluent treating system was set up. The effectiveness of the system is easily noted by the absence of any obnoxious odour in the vicinity of the plant.

The raw material for the unit i.e.: normal field latex is obtained from the surrounding rubber plantations both small and large. Adequate steps are taken to ensure the quality of the latex is maintained throughout every stage of its process from tapping to packing.